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Ta sekcja pozwala Ci zobaczyć wszystkie wiadomości wysłane przez tego użytkownika. Zwróć uwagę, że możesz widzieć tylko wiadomości wysłane w działach do których masz aktualnie dostęp.

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Sprzęt tenisowy / Odp: Tenis Stolowy
« dnia: 11 Maj 2020, 03:56:12 »
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 - i just like to lift whatever the two seconds brings.

 - Like to decipher, journeyling, shopping, music, animals (dogs). see fit, don't acquaintance with me if you are looking for sex-tourism or a extensive intrenet spectre romance. I am a heartfelt lady-dote on looking for a physical ...

 - I like to be in an setting of people, but it is palatable and to keep one.
 "Come on, let's just do it right away" she said. "We can fake it, right?"
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 My niece and I have been "Going Out" for almost two years now. I am head over heals in love, and falling farther everyday. As she came closer to the truck, my heart beat faster and my smile grew wider.
 I trailed kisses down her body as I slid off the bed and knelt between her legs. My hands lightly caressed her inner thighs, as I lowered my face into her warm center. I licked her from bottom to top, gently sucking her clit between my lips. Then I continued to lick her all over.
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 вЂњOhhhh don’t worry, it’ll be okay! They’re just some images, what’s the worst it’s gonna do to you, huh?” she said.
 вЂњOk, back in a tick”
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 I introduced the two then asked Jerry to sit down. I told him that Coach D had asked that I bring Jake here and let them meet here as Jake was his new roommate. Jerry’s eyes opened wide and a big grin on his face. “Oh Cool,” is all he said.
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 My eyes followed as she gestured to the cart her boss was working on. I saw, just over his hunched shoulder, a painted number 9 on the metal frame of the runner. Looking around, I saw the rest of the cards were similarly numbered all the way from one to twelve.

Ogłoszenia / Odp: Mieszkanie na sprzedaz Warszawa
« dnia: 29 Kwiecień 2020, 23:56:19 »
She spreads the cold thick liquid all over my little knotted up balloon hole and her big momma cock. The head of her cock kisses my lubed up butthole before sinking inside me without any resistance. She rests my legs against her shoulders as she tosses the bottle aside as she grabs both of my wrists and intertwines her fingers with mine as her cock continues to fill me up. I stare deep into those yellowish, greenish hazel eyes. The color changes as the light reflects off of them. I can see that they’re filled with lust, desire and a deep passionate love for me.Chapter Three‘Its ok baby, you’re doing fine. This time I want you to kiss me for longer, let’s say… 3 seconds. Also, open your lips and move them around mine and I’ll do the same. Do you understand?’“I don’t want to get arrested. I already lost my license, I don’t want to get fired on top of it.” I stepped back into Jake and gazed at the other two men. I remembered what I had said to Jake earlier. “Listen, guys  I want to thank you for everything you have done for me personally. I appreciate what you did to help me with those three attorneys. I was really touched.”I answered quietly, with a single word: “Yes.”
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Humor / Odp: Djokovic i jego parodie
« dnia: 29 Kwiecień 2020, 23:55:30 »
He kept holding her hand as he rose and moved around the table. He knelt on the concrete then took her into his arms. "Jean, please don't be sad. I I really think, really believe that love love can only be good. It it can never be bad. You've you've given me so much too. No matter what happens in the future, I will always always love you, just as much as I do right at this moment."“Good Morning Miss Bardon.” The guy in the suit said as he walked towards my mother with his hand out.Vanessa winced and then relaxed as she was now having her ass finger fucked by her best friend”That feels different and really good,” she said. Phyllis gave her a love pat and worked her finger in and out looking up at Roger who was standing, watching, his cock pulsing and dripping. “Wet yourself up, Roger,” Phyllis said and he did. “You want to be nice and slick so you’ll slip inside more easily.” Roger was on his knees now, positioning. “I’ll help,” Phyllis said and took Roger’s cock in hand, guiding, poking it at the right place”Lift Vanessa underneath” she said and he did, then removing her finger, pointing Roger to the ripened entrance-“I understand Jasmine, and you are right, I am taking advantage of you and especially of your young beautiful body but we could have a good session today and fulfill my needs at the same time…” He just looked at me lustfully and I knew I wasn’t going to like this… He then got even closer and touched my face, tracing his fingers over my cheek, down to my lips contouring them before moving down my neck and slowly over my shirt and down to my belly button. He pulled lightly at the hem of the t-shirt and I knew what he wanted so I just raised my hands as he pulled it over my head.Swallowing dad's load had me very close to orgasm myself and seeing the look of desire on my mom's face hit me pretty hard as I felt myself become even more aroused. As I sat up on my knees on the bed she stepped to me wrapping her hand around the back of my neck. She pulled my lips to hers. Her lips were very soft and sort of sweet. I had never kissed another female before, but was surprised to find it slightly different than kissing guys. Her tongue explored my mouth as I explored hers with mine. She pulled back quickly looking anxious at what she had just done. My smile relaxed her and she pulled me in again for a longer more passionate kiss.
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